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Staying in the Bushes  

Bushcraft is known as adventure tour. A literal Bush is skill and the ability to survive in a crude environment. It requires the achievement of theoretical and practical knowledge to handle the resources manually. It was after a taste of how our ancestors lived several thousand years.

Bushcraft is very popular in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. It was popularized by Les Hiddins also known as "Bush Tucker Man" to extend its popularity in the southern hemisphere.

Before getting Bushcraft, we need some important skills. Bushcraf is sometime really a rough environment

The environmental knowledge
It is aware of the behavior of wildlife, such as finding food in a branch of science, in fact, studied the behavior of animals.

It also is known and identified with wild plants and how to use the perception and the ability to weather conditions.

Tracking Skills
After a follow-up of wild animals showing signs of real time in order to hold them. Skills you can bring enough to kill them for food.

Hunting knowledge
Bushcraft fishing shows the animals to find food. Fishing also comes into this category. One may know how to get clean water is as safe enough to drink.

Crafting Fire
The ability to make fire to life-saving skills. Fire serves many purposes, particularly in the wild. It gives comfort and warmth. It is very important not just to cook, but to be able to live up. Can be used to sterilize sales, to boil the water purification, and the provision of protection of wild animals and leads to redemption.

This is the opportunity to use all possible means to find refuge on the environment, animals and all risk in the wild to get shelter.

One may know how the dust palos or connection of the skin. To be able to make one of those things you should know how to find materials that could be used to make a rope. Rope made of materials can be found in almost all parts, from palm trees, grasses, vines and bark and even animal hair. All the material that can be used while the fiber; has sufficient length and strength of moderate and flexible.

Bushcraft will allow you to create internal harmony with the environment. Not only of skills essential for survival, but also the ability to support other leisure activities such as wildlife watching, fishing, nature photography, and so on.